I have been absent for nearly a month and i cant believe its gone that quickly. i only thought id been away for around 2 weeks.

Christmas is coming up and since i work in a retail store.. well lets just say Debenhams is getting busy and The Point itself is open Sundays!

And by that i am working all Sundays and putting my extra double pay hours towards paying for my Makeup Artistry Course as well as helping myself to a new laptop.

This is what went down last weekend


PostDivider My bestie’s 18th! we all went out to celebrate her night and we all enjoyed one heck of a night.

Both her and another friend of mine are studying to become professional Hairdressers so both helped out with my hair :D

Rachel did the braid and Elisianne did the wavy curls ! it was lovely and it actually stayed put with no hair products which is a plus.














PostDivider With the bday girl on the left aswell as my other bestie on the right :)


HOTW – Close up



I’ve got loads of stuff to blog about its crazy!

Hope everyone is having a fab day and be on the look out for more posts soon!!


Love, Stefy