I Would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year, i hope each of you have a wonderful year to come filled with happiness and dreams that will come true!



How was 2010 for Stefy?

  • My 18th on the 5th of January
  • My first Job with Debenhams
  • Met Michael Jackson’s Sister, La Toya Jackson in person
  • Started Planning what course i wanted to continue in
  • Had the most amazing people around me
  • Held onto something i truly care about and never let go
  • My Makeup Addiction got worse?
  • MAC Cosmetics + Inglot Cosmetics took over my salary
  • Started my driving lessons in July
  • September 12, 2010 is the date i’ll never forget
  • In dreams as in love, all is possible
  • went to some amazing parties with the most amazing friends
  • put down a deposit for my makeup course.
  • lost people i care about all together
  • People got into our ears, but in the end we pulled through it
  • The Year ended the Chapter but it continues on.

I had a birthday wish on my 18th which i thought would never come true. Let me tell you this, it did come true and it was amazing.


What’s in store for Stefy this Year?
Well a couple of things actually.

  • 1st of January, the first day of the year, A new Chapter
  • 2nd January, you’ll be missed.
  • My 19th Birthday on the 5th of January
  • 8th of January, i’ll be a happy bunny
  • Makeup Artistry Course Starting 19th January (to become an “International Makeup Artist”)
  • Get my Driving Theory Done
  • Pass my Driving test and acquire my Driving License
  • Keep working hard on getting to were i want to become
  • I do not want to lose anything that means the most.
  • Take risks and know they were worth it
  • Enjoy whatever comes at me and know the light is not far from the tunnel ahead
  • Try and make it possible to be around the people i truly love and cherish
  • Be the one that is the reason why they open their eyes every morning.
  • Take everything day by day and not rush into anything
  • Be Happy and appreciate all the people and loved ones around me cause without them i am nothing
  • Explore: Travel at least once if not twice.
  • Make a difference.

What are you’re plans for 2011 ? Are you going make the most of this year and make sure you get your goals done?


Dreams and Wishes do come true, you just have to believe in them.

Do not let go and do not give up.

Do not make a mistake on something you know is right.

Believe in yourself and you’ll go far.


Love, Stefy