I thought it would be nice to show you guys what kit im using for my makeup course
that im undergoing at the moment.

We are using Eva Garden by Paolo Guatelli, an italian makeup company.

The kit itself is so unique and reminds me of a huge laptop case! but it is so easy to carry around!  it isnt that heavy either.. but that could be since this is just the basic kit, i can build it up and add more to my likings.

on to the pictures inside my kit and palettes.

Picture one includes:

10 Lipsticks
5 liquid Lipsticks
3 Ultra-Lasting Lip Creams
5 Lip Glosses

Picture two includes:

3 Lip Makeup Pencils

Picture three includes:

Mascara Build up
3 Tester creamy Concealers
2 Liquid Eye liners
1 Eye brow Pencil
3 Eye makeup Pencils
3 Perfect Skin Foundations
2 Fix & Stay Foundations
4 Mousse eye Shadows
Mousse Blusher
Loose Powder "Extreme"
Lifting Serum
4 segment latex sponges (not shown)
2 Packets of Makeup Removing Tissues
Makeup Sharpner

Picture four includes:

Palette Eyeshadow 1
Palette Eyeshadow 2
Palette Eyeshadow 3
Palette Compact Foundation 
Palette Compact (Comfort) Foundation 2
Picture five includes:

Makeup Brushes that i got with the kit,
The softest brushes ive ever felt 

Will review these once ive used them more.

Hope everyone liked having a poke into my kit,
I'll get reviews up or each and every product once ive used them more!

Love, Stefy