I can safely say ive managed to get my Drivers License and i passed the test!
I still cannot believe it.
I got a card from Mums friend which was thoughtful!

I had my test today at noon.
I couldnt believe how relaxed and laid back i was until i got into the car and he told me to drive.
All i kept saying to myself was observe the roads and keep calm.

And at the end he told me well done and told us to go inside for the briefing.
All i kept doing was counting the slashes in side each box and apparently if you get 15 you fail.
I got 12 so i wasn't far away. But i was surprised.. 
I kept smiling when he was trying to explain where i went wrong and where i need to focus on when im driving and i cannot keep a straight face.

When he said the "PASS" box thats when i was jumping like a bafoon.. my Instructor was proud of me and told me i deserved it!

Sadly im still without my car but at least its something to look forward to.. i just need to pay off whats left of my course and then its save save save for my bumble bee Mini Cooper.

That would be another smashing exciting post hopefully in time for Summer :D

Love, Stefy