Me at the Me Am Chic with Eva Garden, we had a wonderful experience doing up models for the fashion show!

These are cocktails.. though non have alcohol !.. Yes i dont drink but it doesnt make me not have an alcoholic free cocktail!.. 
The First one was from Hard Rock Cafe 
and the second one is from Barcelona, my "virgin son of a peach" yummy (ha ha)
the bar tender came up with another one and said it was free, so i got two! buy 1 get one free.

Mothers day this year last sunday was the worst sunday i could ever imagine my mum had to go through, My Grans 2nd Anniversary and it fell on mothers day! So i got her this beautiful frame with Mothers and this amazing quote "anyone can be a mother, it takes someone special to be a mum" and it's true.. I went hunting for the right picture of both mum and gran and both my sister and I (im the little one in the picture).. Mum opened her present and practically loved it and thanked me for it.

Probably the best present i could ever give her!
We all have someone we miss in our life, and I miss my gran! expecially with the limited time i spent with her being in the Uk, i will never miss all the times she's come over for xmas or us going every summer to see her. 
These are pictures that have happened through out the end of april/ first weeks of may..

Love, Stefy