Hi Ladies! Today is all about this lovely black pouch that has been a key item for my freelancing.
My first gig for a wedding was on the 6th of this month and knowing me and my obsessions i wanted to be prepared! I wanted my very own Brush Belt for all my Brushes and opted for a MAC Brush Belt which was purchased from an authentic seller on ebay.

Product: Accessories/Tools
Name: Brush Belt
Price: €45

I needed a sturdy brush belt with enough pockets for brushes and anything that i would need for my work. Its easy to clean and is durable.
Quilted like top with diamond k pvc
ind of stitching.

Size is around 15inch by 10 inch
Pockets: 27 in 3 sizes.
20 pockets for brushes
3 pockets in the middle for anything such as tweezers
4 pockets 2 on bottom and 2 between the middle of the brushes for storing any powder or makeup.
Belt is adjustable and fastens to one's need.
MAC logo in the centre of the brush belt.

I can't say anything else rather then, if you need a brush belt that will last this is it.
It can be stored by folding it in the middle and doesn't harm it.
To travel make sure its upright as brushes will fall out.

I don't regret buying it and for me it was worth every penny.
I hope this review helped anyone who was interested in the MAC Pro Brush Belt.