Summer Time is right around the corner in Malta ( I hope ) as weather has been all over the place. This morning it looked like it was going to rain but the sun is shining bright after a couple of hours.
I rounded up my Top 5 Lipsticks for Summer Time as I have been using these quite a bit already and some have already been my favorite last summer.

MAC Russian Red Lipstick (Matte) £14 I remember it was between this and Ruby Woo but Russian Red stole my heart and It was my first Matte Shade and only Matte Shade from MAC believe it or not. I love the staying power of this one. I love how it doesn't budge at all through out the day. I can eat, drink and do anything and this lipstick just stays put. I think most matte lipsticks tend to have more of a staying power. Being a Vibrant Red I must admit I was scared it would be too much for a blonde but seeing how many Blondes can pull it off, I have started to wear it more and more as Autumn crept in last year and I have been using it quite often too.

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick (Amplified) LE £14 This is by far my go to summer lippie as it's bright and looks amazing paired with Pink Nouveau (Click here to see my blog post). My mother couldn't find this in Nottingham i Remember and planned a trip to London and popped into Selfridges just to Pick this and Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick last year. I still remember laughing as my Dad tried to explain what they had picked up for me. I love the pigmentation of these Amplified Lipsticks, don't you? This is a bright Coral Red with more red tones than pink. It's more of a statement lipstick in my opinion and I tend to wear it with just an eyeliner nothing to over the top.

Barry M  Dolly Pink Lip Paint £4.49 Funnily enough when both my sister and I were in the UK we both picked up the same lipsticks without even knowing. This one and the Purple BarryM Lipstick no 156 (purple packaging). I love my pinks and sadly I have the marshmallow and baby pink and they are so concealer pasty pale lipsticks that they just sit in my lipstick drawer untouched and not loved. Unlike this bright Candy Pink which I try not to over use as I love it so much. It isn't drying on the lips at all. I would say it's more of a satin finish rather than a creamy texture. Lasts quite awhile actually but you might have to top up after eating and stuff.

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick (Satin) £14 My all time favorite Pink Lipstick from MAC and one I will repurchase and repurchase. I actually am being careful as both my Pink Lady Gaga and this Pink Nouveau are reaching the end. In fact my Lady Gaga one is just sitting there not being used and hasn't been used since last year. I used it way to much in summer last year than Pink Nouveau took it's place! It's a gorgeous Blue toned Pink that looks lovely on any skin type. Very popular with many bloggers and vloggers which made it very easy to pick up.

ELF Nicely Nude Lipstick £2.50 I have recently started wearing this lippie again. I bought this when I was still into Nudes and I must admit I have at least 7 MAC lipsticks which are Nude and Beige and I stopped using them :( This is cause I don't think Nude lips suits me any more and makes me look sick believe it or not. I reach for this every now and again when I want more of a natural look. It has a pinky peachy undertone which i Like as it isn't too beige nor nude. I checked their website and they are one 50% as they are selling for just £2.50 a pop!