December Purchases  

Just a couple of purchases that i purchased in the month of decemeber. I finally got my River Island order included the gorgeous Camera Bag! A couple of dresses and my all time favorite blazer from Topshop!


Miss Selfridge Dresses Nude Dresses one for NYE and the other for my upcoming birthday on the 5th January, followed by my all time favorite grey blazer from Topshop for €91! Being there was only one size 8, i looked at my mum saying what to do?! and every single purchase bought were the last item in that style! So i couldnt leave anything behind cause i'd feel guilty! Specially the blazer i have been eyeballing the same one since Laura from Buy now Blog later showed off her's in a post last year.

My Gorgeous Camera Bag, My canon now has no excuse of being out and about in my bag anymore, having everything including my charger and usb everything in one bag. It's amazing cause most people wouldn't think there was a camera in that bag! 

Cannot forget these! (yes my mum did write that!) We all love our Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewell Tarts as they all remind us of home back in Nottingham. Being they are so hard to find in MALTA and mum managed to find a packet we still managed to split the box both mum, sister and me had 2 each as dad didnt mind not having! Lucky us!

Question for my readers:
What is your favorite piece you bought in december?