Reaching one of my Goals   

Having reached one of my goals at a very young age in 2011, being a makeup artist for the only professional company in Malta is quite challenging cause you're up with competition, but i was lucky enough to be chosen and i am grateful that i get to be apart of this wonderful road ahead.
Goal Reached:

cannot express what an achievement it is to be wearing a badge like this. I've always wanted one and always thought of having one and i finally do.

It's amazing being part of an amazing team and working in the industry i've always wanted to be in.

I wear my badge with pride as i never thought i'd ever have one as my own, it feels good like i studied for it, had enough experience in the field to get where i am today.

Always follow you're hopes and dreams, Reach every goal and you will succeed if you want it bad enough!

Question for my readers:
What goal do you want to accomplish this year?