Venture Beauty Wednesday   

Every Week on Wednesday, i'll be giving you tips, ideas, how to's and so much more. This will be a post dedicated to little bits and bobs you learn through out makeup artistry and I would like to share them with my readers. We are venturing through beauty and i'm feeding it to YOU. x

#1 Foundation Disaster:

Yes, thats right my first one is for everyone out there who wears foundation and that is at least everyone of you reading this blog post!

Have you ever seen someone walk past you with a mask on their face? Well that is what it looks like having a dark coloured mask of foundation up to the jawline then white pale neck with NO BLENDING what so ever.


If you see someone you know you're friend, relative, colleague do not hesitate to tell them, "hey i think if you blend that piece down your neckline it would look better". You'll probably get a thanks for the heads up!

And if it looks THAT bad, then they surely are using their SUMMER foundation for the WINTER when honestly you are supposed to have a summer foundation and a winter foundation cause its obvious in winter we are nearly all pale as a ghost compared to summer with a tan!

Remember, You are taking the time in the morning to apply foundation so might as well spend that extra 5 seconds blending then having a two toned disaster!

Question for my readers:
Do you like the idea of weekly posts on wednesday called "Venture Beauty Wednesday?"