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Nails of the Day. Experimenting with ink and polish. Mixing polish and whatever else included.

The Nail Art:


Why i do have short nails and i have done gels before.. But my nails are very weak and i've bruised them cause of those fake nails! Thus why i have decided to try out new ways to make my nails looks funky!

Newspaper has never been so helpful! Just pop you're nail varnished nail into a pot of surgical spirit or alcohol and grab a piece of newspaper and there you have it! The ink transfers to you're fingertip and we have a winner! Fantastic!

Those of you who have seen me wearing this look this week all said how unusual and different, especially for Malta!

Give it a go! You'll get obsessed and will need to rush out to buy a newspaper!!

Question for my readers:
What nail art have you tried on your nails?