Cocktails &  Gossip with Dyna

Yes, both Dyna and I had cocktails last Wednesday @ Hugo's Lounge in Paceville. Dyna is a beauty Blogger here in Malta too, and we decided to meet up before the bloggers meet up this Wednesday for drinks.  

The Low Down:

We met after work, Parked then whisked our way to Hugo's Lounge, A place where everyone hangs out to chill. We gossiped, spoke about beauty, fashion, maltese fashion sense etc..

Dyna has her own beauty blog at : 

She also has a youtube page, where she gives in depth reviews on recent purchases etc :)
Go follow her, You won't regret it!

I must admit it's lovely to get to know other bloggers in Malta, as it's a tiny community we all get on pretty well together! Dyna and I shared quite a number of tips and tricks and i must say we did not stop the chatter, it was like we knew each other for years, yet officially we only had met properly that day!

We laughed so much, we made friends with the people that work there and also booked a table for our Bloggers Meet up on wednesday the 15th! so any maltese blogger who is seeing this let us know, Booked fo 8.30pm.

It was a lovely evening, We ate some nibbles, spoke highly about brands and our likes and dislikes. We also opened fortune cookies! We all sat down and opened them! Then after a couple of cocktails we went upstairs to Passion VIP For a little while.. Didn't stay long as we were both either at uni (dyna) and myself working in the morning! But we had such a fun night! Many more to come that's for sure!

Photo Time:

Taken by the lovely G.Manager @ Hugo's, Matt

Animal Face, haha!

Cocktail Time Yumm!
Our Cocktails from Matt, Candle, My phone peaking in !

Question for my readers:
Us Maltese Bloggers are lucky enough to live very close to one another as meeting up all together is easy, I Love Blogger meet ups! Do you?