HIYA dolls & gents,

Today i am writing about a website where i got my new business cards from for my blog called moo.com

This is pretty much my second batch of ever making business cards as i have previously made business cards for my makeup artistry freelance work which you can see HERE

With a spanking new blog layout, this year i wanted to try and advertise my blog more and get it out there so when i heard about moo.com i said let's just try the 50 pack and see how it goes. 

There was a promotion going on where you get 50 for FREE, the only catch was they had a little logo on the side which wasn't a big deal for me. The shipping was just £3.50 which was pretty cheap and i basically got 50 business cards for £3.50 and that was awesome in my opinion.

They are slightly bigger then my other business cards and the thickness in card stock is amazing and very sturdy compared to my vistaprint ones.

I am very proud of the way they came out and the quality of the printing was phenomenal i will definitely go back for more once these finish as the arrived within a week (to the UK, as i was there when they arrived).