HIYA dolls & gents,

have seen this tag done by a lot of bloggers and thought about doing it myself too. It was a big challenge to come up with 50 facts but i managed.

 I am twenty-one years old
♥ I graduated as a Makeup Artist 2 years ago in 2011
♥ Love Cherry Bakewell Tarts
 Am a fan of traveling and have been traveling since i was 18 months old
 London has become my go to remedy for non stop shopping
 I own two sets of makeup - my personal stash and my freelance stash
 Makeup brushes? I own over 50 (including my work brushes)
 I have an awesome boyfriend he's half sicilian (never thought i'd date an italian)
 Mum and my boyfriend pick on each other when it comes to England and Italy
 I do not drink hot drinks, no hot chocolate nor coffee or tea

 I love Pastel Colours
 I try to stay on trend 
 Have an obsession with M.A.C.
 Addicted to M.A.C. Lipsticks, own 18!
 Love being creative, even made my own pair of harem pants
 Bought a sewing machine
 Made wallets with studs
 Love anything girly and sparkly
 I prefer having long hair
 My most comfortable shoes i own are wedges

 In winter and summer i drink cold drinks
 I am a very picky eater
 I wanted to become a makeup artist after watching youtube guru's back in 2007
 I Paid €2000+ for my makeup artistry course
 I have been a Photoshop freak since i was 13
 I own a MACBOOK PRO and love it to death
 Bought a Canon 1000D SLR on the same day as my macbook Jan 13 2011
 Should stop buying handbags and shoes as i own too many
 If i could buy any designer handbag i'd choose Celine Phantom or Balenciaga First
 I am addicted to buying Cosmetics

 I normally buy one fragrance at a time, 2012 i ended up with 9 new perfumes!
 My fave fragrance to date is between Lady Gaga Fame or Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy
 I have a chincilla persian cat, his name is Toby and is a very furry animal
 I prefer the Summer 
 I love having a Tan as i hate looking white and pale
 This year i witnessed snow and the beauty of it all
 I love playstation, especially Need for Speed & Grand Theft Auto (yes boyish games)
 At a very young age my sister and i played car games on playstation
 I just bought a pink cover and keyboard for my macbook (pimping it out)
 My car seriously needs some girly accessories though i dont know where to start

 My car has a cupcake air freshner
 I love Paintings, pictures and frames. Every year i tend to get something new.
 I own an Iphone and Ipod 
 Once i owned an Ipod everything after it was apple.
 I am a computer NERD
 I have a qualification in computing with a BTEC Diploma IT
 I Designed my own website & blog
 I sleep with a soft toy, i like being able to cuddle something at night 
 I have Simba the Lion King on my bed that my dad got me when i was 3 from Spain
 I love my BLOG and keep a diary for all the posts i have done.