Waking up in the morning is usually my worst nightmare as I could stay in bed all morning if I could. Usually when we wake up late or just want that natural look and out we go to work. I have been testing out some old and new products that are perfect for summer as I tend to wear less makeup due to the heat. 

I only have 4 products on my face above pictured and it gives you such a healthy youthful look. Please excuse my eyebrows, I hadn't filled them in today. 

Starting off with a matte foundation 17 MIRACLE MATTE FOUNDATION NATURAL which usually sets without needing a powder (PERFECT!). Using a Duo Fibre Brush I applied the cream blush to my cheeks. I have had this TOPSHOP BLUSH FLUSH for awhile but haven't given it justice and it's such a gorgeous pink coral. CATRICE MINI MAX MASCARA is key to a natural look, I didn't apply an eyeliner but you could if you wanted to. Finishing off the look I used this perfect pink lipstick NATURAL COLLECTION ROSE BUD, it's close to my natural lip colour slightly pinkier so it was perfect shade.