celine inspired luggage tote - eBay
Oh no I didn't... 
I indulged in and bought it. The gorgeous Celine Inspired Luggage tote was bought from a seller on eBay. I have seen several posts on these beauts from other bloggers and linked their post with the UK Seller and after debating on either Nude or Black/Yellow I went for the one pictured above. Here is the link to the Handbag, All colours are in stock apart from the Black/White and the Black one which I was told will be back in stock by May. CLICK HERE

I have always been a sucker for black and yellow combined especially for summer. Yes i splurged. With my boyfriend who's moved to the UK, I needed a new boyfriend.. 

Say hello to my new boyfriend who has taken his place (I highly doubt he'll read this but don't worry he's only taking your spot till i see you in a couple of months).

Whenever I am down or upset I purchase a new handbag. Reason being as a handbag usually lasts awhile and takes my mind off things as I get this high from having a new bag. I haven't been inspired by any new handbags till I set my eyes on the Celine Luggage Totes. When I saw that other bloggers found Inspired Totes I just couldn't resist. 

The Price tag was pretty reasonable and only costing me about €31 in total with shipping. Let's be honest a bag like this here in Malta would be not less than €50 - €70 so this was a bargain for me.