HIYA dolls & gents,

It's april!!Needless to say I cannot believe we are already in April! It's getting pretty hot in Malta at the moment and after washing my car yesterday It decided to rain just as I got home from work. #justmyluck 

Anyways part of my March Favorites is this baby pictured above. I Support LUSH 100%, It's a brand that will fight against animal cruelty and bring out products that smell divine. HAVE YOU SMELT SNOW FAIRY????

I should slap myself for getting off topic haha!
Back to this gorgeous black tube of joy, DREAM CREAM.

I fell for this box of yumminess after having a shower and wanted a full on #pickmeup #session

The smell lingers after you get out of the shower too. What I remember the lady in the LUSH shop on Regent street telling me that this is their number one body lotion product that customers regularly repurchase. In my case I totally agree. 

It is for all skin types as it leaves the skin feeling so soft. I do sometimes end up with little red bumps on my legs, particularly after shaving them and this lotion actually helps soothes them.

You get a good amount of product which is 240g, I have to admit I did buy it, used it twice and forgot about it so I am glad to have it back in my bathroom using it daily after each wash. (let's just hope it doesn't run out before I return to London in June!)

The Price is : £10.95 
I do not think it is over-priced as it will go on for more than 4 months depending how heavy handed you are.