HIYA dolls & gents,

Mummy's home. Goodies from Snowy and Sunny U.K. early this morning. I have to admit I asked my mum for a skater skirt and the alphabet blouse from PRIMARK but she was told that they were gone. Instead she got me these babies and sometimes she surprises me that she knows what I like.

First up is clothing, Primark have gorgeous blouses at affordable prices. This cream with denim collar with gems was just £12! It's long so i can either wear it with leggings or pair it up with a skirt or shorts.

The skirts, One is a thin flow-y polka heart dot (couldn't find the price tag) but I had seen this on their facebook page. The other skirt is a monochrome tartan kind of skirt with touches of neon green and pink. This was on sale for £5 from £12!

FragranceDirect.com : This is a site i once bought from last year and when my sister and I were going to purchase some goodies for some reason it didn't let us as MALTA wasn't in the shipping list. I contacted them regarding the matter and was told that apparently they had received a number of orders that weren't being received by the customers which is odd. But none the less our cousin was kind enough to let us ship them to him and mum and dad went to get them for us from their house. 

These Calvin Klein Lipsticks retailed for just £1.99 each! I decided to go for 2 lipsticks HENNA and ROSE RUSH a pink and a light peachy pink. Will review these later on after i try them out!