Natural Collection Lipstick - Rose Bud £1.99
Lipsticks.. I can never ever get bored of lipsticks. I remember reading a post by Lily from LLYMLRS on these lipsticks by this brand and since they were just £1.99 it was a bargain. I couldn't quite choose which one I wanted as the counter in the mall in Wimbledon was a bit sparse and I recall the colour I wanted was out of stock - bummer.

I decided to pick up this ROSE BUD shade. It's a purple-pink with some blue tones in it. It's just a shade or two lighter and pinkier than my actual natural lip. I found this shade to work well with natural looks and very moisturising. With many cheap lipsticks, they have this tendency of smelling like plastic barbie toys? Thankfully these lipsticks have no smell at all and are fragrance free, so that was a huge plus for me. As you can see from the pictures, the one on the left is from a days work taken on instagram - follow me HERE.

The Natural Collection is found in Boots if I am not mistaken but somehow I cannot find the link to the lipsticks on there.

I found the staying power is about 2 - 4 hours max then I would re-touch it where needed. Overall, I think it's a good staple in everyone's makeup bag as it's a perfect natural pink and would go with any look being natural or smokey.