Reading? I have been buying books from a very young age. I have no space for books anymore. I find they clutter my tiny space and when my mother came back from the UK with this baby I had to find an excuse to open and try it out for myself. I was going to get a KOBO Touch back in December as they were on offer but I opted out on it and said i'd wait. 

I have been testing this out and was surprised you could actually get on the web with this little gadget. It is black and white and as you can see when I opened my blog page some things loaded and some white spots where actually loaded in black.

The first thing i downloaded was THE GREAT GATSBY, it's number one on and everyone is talking about it with the movie coming out officially in just 5 days I just wanted to read it in my spare time.

I need to purchase a cute case for this kindle, any suggestions please leave me a comment with where you would have gotten yours from! I see so many people on the tubes just popping these babies out to have a read till they approach their stop. It's easy and you can have so many books in one little thing. I think they are easy to just pop into your bag and read on the go. Stuck in traffic or on a airplane these would come in handy.

I wouldn't get an ipad. As much as i see so many people with an ipad for me it's like having an iphone and i surely do not need both. Having my iphone and my macbook is enough. I think if i had to get an ipad I would find it as a waste of money.

Do you have an e-reader? Any suggestions on good ebooks to read? I would love to hear what you think of them.