Wondering around Sliema today, and it being such a lovely afternoon I thought of taking some snapshots of what I decided to wear, Finally a day where a jacket wasn't needed! In all honesty, I have gotten inspired by alot of Outfit of the Day/Look of the day posts that are taken in the middle of a street and here in Malta well lets just say it is too tiny to ever find a street that is deserted.

Luckily on the same street where I parked, I took out my camera and we shot some photos and this was by far the best as it was a little bit windy which really gave the dress a natural look with the breeze.

As you can tell from my makeup, I really am laying off to much makeup. I am really keeping it natural. The Lipstick i wore today is MAC Haute Altitude Amplified Lipstick, it is my favorite pink-nude lipstick that really goes with any look day or night. 

I have actually re-done my eyebrows again. I am crazy with eyebrows as I will probably do an updated eyebrow post as I have made them yet again more arched and a little bit thinner but i am loving the shape. I tend to just sit down and pluck away like a crazy mad woman with scissors in my hand just to take off any access that is in my way.

We went around a couple of shops and I even picked up the Bioderma H2O Sensibio that removes makeup like a dream! Everyone is raving about this product and I just had to go look for it at my local drugstore and believe it or not she was just unpacking the new consignment so I got to choose which one I wanted and I got the 250ml one for just €8.65 which is funnily enough cheaper than the UK for once. I will review it once I test it out for awhile as I want to see how easily makeup gets removed!