I always carry a little notebook where ever I go and I tend to jot down any product or item I might like wheather it's from a YouTube Video I have just watched or a Blog Post i've just read to even swifting to magazines.

This month I decided to show you my current wishlist as seeing it on "print" actually shows me my wishlist is never THAT large. I am very careful when it comes to splurging, I have always been careful with that I purchase and never go over the top. One thing I do have to admit, I purchase Quality not Quantity, with that being said I have less items which are probably more expensive than others and own less than for someone who purchases many things that are on the cheaper side. So let's get into my current wishlist of the moment.

EOS Lip Balm £5.95 I have seen many of these all over YouTube, Blogs and even Celebs use them and the feature that drew me is that they are colourful, round and big enough to find through my handbag. I hear alot of good reviews on these little balms and they cost around about the same as any other lip balms and one way or another I will get my hands on these very soon.  I have been recommended Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Drop (with SPF) and Sweet Mint.

Stella Print Collection Eau de Parfum 30ml £32 I had a hard time looking for this as after seeing it getting raved recently, it's Limited Edition. The scent is known to be 'inspired by a rose in full bloom... with a bright, modern edge'. I am curious to own this Fragrance as I am known to be drawn to anything fruity or floral and the Design of the bottle itself just draws you in.

YSL Rouge Volutpe Lipsticks £23.50 Two years ago I would have bought no 13 Peach Passion but sadly Franks were sold out of this colour. Two years later and I am still lusting over these lipsticks. Neitherless to say now I am looking at Pinks not Corals or Peaches. My Top three are Fetish Pink (8), Caress Pink (9) and Lingerie Pink (7).

Stila In the Light Eyeshadow Palette £25 I blame the gorgeous Carlinn from Superficialgirls.com! She recently got this palette and did some amazing looks on her blog and I am now hooked and I want this palette more than i wanted the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette £20. It has beautiful neutral shades that will suite anyone wanting to go natural and not overdo with alot of bright colours.

Vintage Boat-Shaped Tote Mint Green £40.96 When i saw this on a blogpost from Sandra on The Black Pearl Blog, I never thought a Celine Inspired Tote would ever look so beautiful. I already own a Celine Inspired Luggage Tote in Black/Yellow that i wear constantly as it is my one true love (ha ha). Once I saw this Mint Green Version with Gold detailing I was blown away. It's a must have for me and I will not stop till I own this baby (which i hope is very soon).