Trends. I doubt I am the only one who follows trends. I am not a huge "nail gal" I have tried Acrylic, Gels and all sorts and my nails are just too weak! 
Funnily Enough, I was going around instagram and twitter and noticed
Kim K's White Short Nails and I thought they looked absolutely gorgeous.

I knew it wasn't a colour I would own but on the other hand I recall my sister having on in her nail tech kit and I found the BK Nail Color Polish. My outcome was short nails with white nail polish. In my honest opinion I never thought they would suit me but I have asked my sister who is a nail technician to try and recreate short gels on my nails where I can just change up the nail polish as I would love to sport this white nail trend better.

White is very in at the moment with the monochrome hitting the catwalks and shops everywhere, so I just couldn't not try this look!