Some Of You might have already seen me post a picture on my Instagram page this morning. I was at work just scrolling through instagram when I saw a friend post this bag and I have been looking for a "Blog Related" anything for ages!! There were different colours and different designs for just €14.99 (cheaper than the UK!)

I googled this bag and saw it was available in BERSHKA.. and I was jumping for joy as I had this feeling It would be one of those things you'd have to order off the internet. So i quickly logged onto the Bershka Malta site and checked to see if they were in stock, just 10 mins later I nipped out of work and ran down the street to Bershka and they had 3 left! I was lucky enough to go to the shop early so I didn't have to go around the shop with a lot of customers!

I honestly don't think i'd wear it out often as I don't want to ruin it and I thought i'd use it as a Case for my MacBook but doesn't fit by about 1cm! I actually might store all my products for reviews and stuff which i'll keep it hand on my desk.