As some of you may know, I was currently awaiting this little big gadget to come my way for quite awhile now and after saving up for couple of months and putting my 2cents we were introduced to one another Last Sunday morning at 8am believe it or not.

It honestly felt like christmas morning opening presents, waiting on my bed hoping the suitcase would get opened so i could steal this baby away. I purchased this from Argos which was reserved then got picked up for me and brought overseas. Aren't I a lucky girl. Gotta love the Mr as he had the patience to go in his off day to pick it up for me.

I have been testing and trying out some features and I honestly can't believe the quality next to my Canon 1000D. I will miss it but My new lover is currently awaiting to take more and more photos for my blog. As some of you may also know my YouTube will be starting up again in the next week or so as I am thinking of recording sometime this weekend!!

There are alot of new features on this camera which I am really excited to try out and the fact that the screen flips out and I can see myself film and make sure i am indeed in focus is one of the great perks of this little handsome item.

Here is a little photo of my little boy Toby (he's shaved cause poop fella, he can't stand the fur in summer) these are the Mr's Shoes and he couldn't stay away from them. He litterally plopps himself ontop of them and strokes himself all over them. My mum thinks it's some kind of scent  that he brought with him from the UK!!

Pictures from after this post will be taken with this Canon 600D. I am so excited to have this as a new addition to my Blog World and Excited to get my YouTube Channel Up and Running with weekly videos up once a week. What day would you prefer to watch videos? I know alot of other YouTubers usually post Fridays or Saturdays for the Weekend, What would you prefer? Would love to have your Feedback on this!