I'm starting to prepare and pack my things for the UK next week. I still have things in packets and not used. These cute little gems are part of the clan. I left them in their packaging and thought i'll leave them for the big move and have something new to play with.

I am a huge sucker for eBay as many of you know. If you look at the pictures you'd scream "OH GOSH Real Techniques have new colours?" but no, these are the "china" versions of the fabulous brushes which I do still intend to rush to my Boots and buy a couple when I arrive.

The story behind these purchases is all because of INSTAGRAM believe it or not. Instagram has become a fault to all my recent purchases!! I saw these gems on a picture that popped up on my feed and I quickly rushed on to eBay to check them out. These were a steal for just £2.15 each and come in 4 different handle colours which are; the blue (which i quickly picked up), red, pink (identical to the real techniques) and Gold. Pick yours up here: ebay.eu/18OkWOc

Next in the little haul were these Beauty Blenders, I had seen so many quite colours that I just had to pick up a couple and also the famous fuchsia pink identical to the real beauty blender that were about 99p each a right bargain in my opinion. I cannot justify the RRP £26 for the real blender sponge, Sponges get tossed out of the window and accumulate alot of bacteria so i'd honestly rather spend £14-£20 on a brush that can be washed. I picked up the pale pink and Yellow cause I thought these would look beautiful on my desk in the UK (check out how I plan to have it  set up HERE)

Overall, I have heard great things about the Dupes for the Real Techniques and the bristles are very soft and the handles are very sturdy too so that's a plus for me. As for the beauty blenders, sponges are not worth more than £3-£5. Anything after that price tag, I would personally prefer to buy a brush especially with the money you pay for the real deal you could easily get a high end brush from the likes of MAC or NARS.

What would you prefer, having a brush for life or a sponge worth much less and you end up tossing it after 1-2 months?