As we say Hello to 2014, I wanted to close a chapter in my life 2013. It has been a stressful and a risk-taking year where i've done things that i've never thought i'd ever succeed in. Starting the year in the UK with frost and snow, a gorgeous bag that i've worn for a whole year! (that is never normal) Malta Fashion Week Media Pass where I worked with Eva Garden to interview nominees, artists and stylists. June was the official month where I started my YouTube Channel at a serious level where I purchased my 2nd Canon Camera the 600D.

Moving on from that was saying a huge farewell to MALTA. Last look out at the blue sea in Gozo to a family dinner to my last time driving my car which i sold days after the picture was taken. August 8th 2013 Marked the day I stepped onto UK grounds not as a visitor like I normally do but as a resident. House Shopping was so fun, and making my home feel me and just the way I have always wanted it to be. October came and Halloween Tutorials came out followed by my 2nd Interview on Maltese Magazine - Press (FM MAGAZINE). My Youtube Channel is slowly growing and I couldn't believe the one milestone that I wanted to achieve before 2014 was to reach at least 500 subbies and I'm well over 600 already and I am very greatful for all of you who are supporting me and love watching my videos.

In December my sister came over to visit for a couple of days as well as us all getting festive for Christmas with Christmas Videos and posts. And we cannot end the year without a Selfie and Champagne on New Years Eve.

I am very grateful for what 2013 came out to be, moving abroad and living away from my family and being so independent. Now we are into the first couple of days of 2014 and I'm going to make sure that this next chapter has more Risks and more travelling. With my birthday on Sunday I am looking forward to my 22nd Year and looking forward to see what this year has in store for me and my readers and followers. 

I want to take this time to thank each and everyone of you where you have come along with me through-out my journey from blogging to youtube to creating videos and having so much support. Looking forward to see what is yet to come this Year!