My current obsession is decorating my home. There is always something I see and straight away find a place for it in my home. This little gem was a key item that was needed (wanted!). After obsessing like a mad woman over Yankee Candle's Wax Tart's, I needed a Burner to burn the babies and I hopped onto eBay and searched for a typical burner. 

Please bear in mind, that I did not want just any oil burner as I like things to be unique. When I found this 11cm Owl Oil Burner, I straight away knew it would be perfect. It is white ceramic with little tiny circle holes all around the body where the light shines through.

What I tend to do is cut in half one Yankee Candle Wax Tart and store the other half away in a plastic bag for another time. I feel like it lasts longer and saves it from ever overflowing as I have done previously with another burner ( never a great outcome - wax everywhere!!!) 
When Lit, it does look so lovely in the evening and lights up the whole room.

You can purchase the Owl Burner here: