Happy New Year beautiful people! It's a new year and i'm back strong with a video with products that have been the talk of the town this week. It's in fact the NEW Collection from REAL TECHNIQUES - BOLD METALS COLLECTION. Lets all take a moment to drool over the physical side of the brushes - gorgeous metal casings in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. I don't know about you but THIS IS every Makeup Artist/Makeup Junkie's Dream to have beautiful brushes in their makeup case/vanity.

Available in Boots (UK) and Ulta (US) for those wondering. I was lucky enough to pick up 3 as I treated myself as a pre-birthday spend. I was not shocked by the price due to their metal casings and construction of the brushes themselves. There were talk going around how some will not purchase these due to the price and that they shouldn't be found in stores like Boots - Well there are loads of items in Boots that are way over that price and still sell so I don't see the problem there. 

I Love the fact that Both Sam and Nic (Pixiwoo/Real Techniques) came up with a Premium Brush Set - Not sure if it's limited edition. I honestly wouldn't marked these brushes for those who are on a budget - these are for those who are collectors, makeup artists or makeup junkies in general who want that perfect brush for a particular application. They are synthetic brushes which means they are cruelty free and also white bristles which is great since you can see how much product you have on the brush and also great for when you are cleaning your brushes. Prices range from £10-25

Here is the full low down on the products mentioned in this video
100 Arched Powder £25 BUY
300 Tapered Blush £24 BUY
301 Flat Contour £22 BUY

Overall, as mentioned in this post and in my video below, it's great quality for the price, I look forward to reviewing each individual brush here on my blog to give you in-site on each brush I purchased. 
If you want to pick these up they are exclusive to these stores below only, I definitely recommend you check out www.boots.com and www.ulta.com