December 26th also known as Boxing Day is the manic day where billions of stores online and in store go live with their winter sales. I'm one to ignore all the "bargains and sales" and go straight for what's new! - Yes, crazy I know but I cannot stand going through all the junk and mess in stores. This year, I have noticed the Internet has taken over BIG TIME! Stores are less busy especially over the Christmas Period and to save you from the manic in store why not wake up Boxing Day and get all your Sale Shopping Done in your PJ's tucked under your sheets.

I'm a Beauty-Holic but I knew for a fact I wanted to treat myself to some Pre-Bday items. And January is a busy month with birthdays and moving so I know for a fact my money is going else where so I thought I would spoil myself on this day.

Starting off with Forever 21 I really like their Laid back kinda clothing so I picked up a couple of items 3 from the sale and 2 non-sale items yet very affordable. (USE PROMO CODE SAVE20 for 20% off and FREE SHIPPING)

1. Tie-Neck Chiffon Shirtdress £17.99
2. Minimal Moment Stud Set £3.15 NOW £0.99
3. Secret Rebel Pumps - Cream £27.90 NOW £16.99
4. Kiss & Makeup Paddle Brush £3.00
5. Drop-Sleeve Sweater - Camel £17.50 NOW £9.99

Next Up the headache of them all LUSH Sale. For 2 years, I kept missing out by literally 10-20 minutes or being too late to the party. This year was  totally different. Refreshing the page since 9am and it didn't go live till after 11am! Crazy in my opinion but they mentioned they had difficulty with the website. Let's be honest I refreshed my page so many times, even through checkout that I'm surprised I even managed to end up with what I got! I kept it to a minimum as I have more showers during the year than baths so I picked up items I knew I loved. Making sure 2 extra Large Snow Fairy Bottles are ordered as I have a little stock pile of 3 minis going about in my house.

Overall, I was pretty chuffed with my Boxing Day purchases. I told myself I wouldn't purchase any beauty-related items as I have enough this year. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I'll be back with new Videos very shortly.
Make sure you check out Forever 21 and Lush Cosmetics as i'm sure you will find something you love on their sites and