Bath and Body Works is a much loved American Brand that most of us (especially many of us residing outside of the U.S) will pay an arm and a leg to get a Candle of theirs on our vanity.

I for one am one of those that drools over their website looking at all their 3 wick candles. I do have a couple of their 3 wick candles but also found a love for their amazingly scented Pocketbac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels that in America retail for $1.75. In the UK, I buy mine on eBay and they normally cost me just over £2 which I know we're actually paying more for them but in all honesty it's worth that extra buck. 

Before Christmas was over, I wanted to get 3 of their wintery scenes before they were gone so I picked up Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy Apple and Frosted Wonderland all smell amazing might I add. 

If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend you try their Hand Gels or their candles. They are in my opinion have amazing selection of fragrances and scents to choose from and there will be something for everyone.

Have you Tried Bath and Body Works Range before? What's your favourite from the range?