Hi #pugsiefam

With 2016 just about to run into our lives and take over 2015, I had a little me-time to think about what I'd like to do differently and how I'd like to embrace Me and what I enjoy the most. Believe it or not, YouTube has indeed taken over 2015 which meant my Blog got neglected more than I ever wanted to. I enjoy writing and to me it relaxes me and gives me a space to just write about anything. So i'm writing this post to end the year and to a new year full of new content in 2016.

From the picture above, you can tell I have fallen head over heels for that "Flannel" Tartan Shirt that is plastered all over the interwebs. Yes, The Shirt you can wear on it's own, Layered over a tee, Tied over a pair of Shorts on a hot Summers day, basically the Flannel Tartan Shirt is a statement piece to dress up or down in the world of fashion. 

I've decided to use my Platform to not only post about beauty and makeup but also about Lifestyle, Fashion and I want you all to get to know the person you see on camera, in Pictures and all that. I have been watching Vlogs and felt that you do indeed get to know the person you are watching more through chit chat videos or posts and even their quirky side or funny side. There might be things my viewers don't know about me, so 2016 is going to be filled with more opportunities to get to know me, interacting more with YOU and also many more videos and posts where I can interact with each and everyone of you. Make sure you are following me on my social media platforms which you will find links at the top left of my blog and click the "follow" button and you will always know what i'm up to. I will also be more active on my Twitter again which i've neglected for the past couple of months. YOU have made 2015 a memorable year and 2016 will be yet another year where I create content that you all love and enjoy watching or reading.

I Thank You all for being here with me on this journey, I'm trying not to be too sloppy but hey we are human and It's normal for us to sometimes write sloppy content to show our appreciation with each and every person reading this post and to those who have taken the time to sit down and read my long post. 


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