I have to admit I constantly browse Pinterest for Outfit Ideas and this outfit was one I did see on there that I in fact wanted to re-create.

I attended an Event, Not your average Beauty or Fashion Event but a Car Event called Honda Fest 7. As you can tell by that Title it involves Hondas. Now funnily enough I have always loved sporty cars, racing and what not and growing up, My Dad was always a F1 Fan and a Motor GP Fan with Valentino Rossi with Repsol etc. My Dad bought my sister and I a Playstation 1 we had gotten the baby one and the only game he bought us was Gran Turismo, This soon evolved into Need for Speed and so on and so forth so Basically I have always been a Car Junky and know some sort of ins and out and pretty much know every car's make just by looking at a logo or a fog light in the rear mirror.

That Being Said, Having Ryan who owns a Sports Car gave him mega ultra points when I found out what Car he had way back when. When Your Other half has not just any Honda Civic but a Type R Limited Edition Red interior and all that jazz you do get a little bit excited especially when I get to Drive it on occasion as I am like a little girl jumping up and down.

I Wanted to post some pictures of my whole outfit, As you can see I went casual sporty and have been dying to wear a bomber jacket. I heard it might rain and was a little breezy so I jumped at the chance to wear this awesome jacket and paired it with a pop of khaki which I have been loving.

Crop Top: Tally Weijl Malta*
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Asos
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

I even Managed to get some shots of Ryan with his little gem. I love Photography and always have so having someone to photograph is amazing even though he moans because I probably took more than a hundred shots in less than an hour.

Ryan is wearing A Diesel Tee & Sunglasses just in case you are wondering or if there is anything you may like for your other half or brother etc.

I have to give him credit as he isn't a professional photographer but he did manage to help me take these outfit posts which he did do well for a first timer. 

Overall, It was a fantastic event, Ryan had entered the Drag Races and was his first time with this Honda as he had the Sport one before this one which is now faster and a Type R for Racing. I'm sure I'll be a regular each year and as for racing, I do want to have my go at doing a Drag Race, Ryan did ask me if I wanted to do a Trial Run but since it was his first time doing so I opted out but Next Year might be a different story.

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