Rexy is a little family owned restaurant situated on a little corner just seven minutes from the harbor on your way to the capital city Victoria, Gozo.
Ryan (my other half) who you would have seen on my instagram page, had been to this little restaurant before on work and mentioned that it was really good. This little Gozo Trip was planned for awhile now and due to a public holiday in Malta, it was a great idea to visit our sister island. Obviously, we were stuck in traffic for two whole hours due to an accident on the highway just 10 mins from the ferry so we were stuck twiddling our thumbs for ages and starving.

We have a thing for ordering some sort of starter before our mains just because its faster and if we are hungry it doesn't take too long to come out of the kitchen. 
When I opened the menu, i was a little dissapointed that no garlic bread or bruscetta was served like most restaurants have but we were told that they serve a starter of their own "on the house".

To be perfectly honest, I didn't photograph the platter as It was not my favourite, I do not like cheese and this had bread with tomato paste, salad, capers and topped with slices of cooked meats and cheeses - and let's just says the cheese was so intense that I just couldn't bare it and told Ryan to move it to the other side of the table. Please imagine both of us aren't big fans of cheese so this wasn't a good start.

We then decided to go for a basic pizza with no cheese of course with just some bacon, sausages as we were so hungry that bread and butter wouldn't cut it.

On to the mains, This was amazing. I decided to go for the mouth watering chicken breast with Peppercorn Sauce and Ryan opted for the Beef with Mushroom Sauce ( which he said was the best mushroom sauce he's ever had - and he has mushroom sauce everytime he has some sort of meet or chicken so that's saying something). This was all accompanied by chips to share and also salad which actually came out 5 minutes before the actual meal did and one thing I didn't like was that there was what looked to of been some sort of mustard on top of the salad which I did push off as let's be honest you can't expect everyone to like this but that was easily dealt with.

We shared a bottle of wine to accompany the meal and was very satisfied with the overall service.
We were asked if the food was okay and also was very easy to call for a waiter if we required any assistance.

Overall, I'd give the restaurant a 7/10 due to the lack of starters but it still deserves a good rating due to the amazing mains. We didn't have dessert here as I already planned to go somewhere else for dessert so I can't rate that. 

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