Here's to a new Restaurant review, this time we are at a italian-esk restaurant down at the Birgu Waterfront with gorgeous views of the Grand Harbour Marina.

Sottovento is situated in a lovely area,
 full of life and amazing service, the waiter we had forgot to get his name but had blue eyes - he was outstanding with quality/customer service, hopping from one table to the other making sure his tables were all taken care of. 

Now onto the food - the starters - This was our second time visiting and Ryan enjoyed their Fried Calamari Fritti the first time around so he re-ordered a plate of those which didn't need any thought. As you can tell by the decoration of the plate below, they also take pride in making sure the food is presented in a lovely manner. The Restaurant itself is very well known on their Fish & Seafood so we decided to also get the Tuna and Garlic Bruschetta which was literally amazing. I do not know why I had never tried making these at home before, I sprinkled a little salt and pepper and they tasted amazing - The one thing I wish I had asked was for a little oil on the bruschetta as I felt it needed a little more moisture as the Bruschetta did harden but non the less great food. 

Moving onto Main Courses now - I Opted for their Sottovento Angus Burger Classico which is their "Home made Angus pure beef burger served with crispy bacon, emmenthal cheese (no cheese for me), coleslaw, crispy lettuce and fries." - Oh My Word, This burger was tasty! I couldn't fit it all in but the meat was thick and juicy and was just the right amount of mouth-watering substance of food one would need as I didn't want a heavy meal.

Ryan took their Tagliatelle Al Salmone, "Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and cream." Ryan did have the Penne Paste instead as he prefers it. He loved it and couldn't fit it all in - and boy does he love his food! Pasta does fill you up indeed and Ryan loves to have a Pasta Dish and this is by far his favourite Pasta Dish.

The last leg of the review is the Bill, We opted out of having Dessert this time around as it was such lovely hot weather that we decided to go have dessert later on once our food went down but here is our Bill below:

PINT CISK X3  €8.85
TOTAL  €49.65

Overall, Prices are great - Very Affordable. Service we had was amazing - A big thank you to the gentleman with the blue eyes again, very lovely with customer and a lovely service even when it got busy during lunch hours. Food was delicious and the view and atmosphere was superb. I will deinitely visit again in the evening for their Pizza Specialities as those are only served in the evenings. 
RATING 9/10!

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