Getting Eyelash Extensions has always been on my TO DO LIST, and I can finally tick it off that list and I cannot wait to tell you all about my experience.

I have to admit, I hate it when mascara starts clumping and to find the right mascara that lifts, gives you volume is every girls dream unless you like that look of spider webs - Every girl to her own in that case.

A Lovely Friend of mine Milda offers Eyelash Extensions from the comfort of her home in Bugibba. The Process take between 2-2 and a half hours depending on your lashes and how many you have. It is actually very calming and you can easily sleep all through-out the process itself if you wanted to. She went from one eye to the other glue-ing one lash extension to one of my own and it was surprising how many lashes I actually did have in the end.

I went for the natural cat-eye look which as you can see in the below pictures, They are kept natural and not too drastic which is what I wanted to go for. The lash Extensions last between 4-5 weeks depending on your after-care and how much you truly look after them. You can always go back to re-fill if any lashes fall off or you have too many gaps.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of them. And to those who were maybe afraid of your lashes falling off or anything of the sort, don't be fooled. Our lashes fall off at least every 4 weeks and grow back without even knowing. How many times have you seen an eyelash on a cotton pad when you're removing your mascara or eye makeup? Have a little think - your lashes fall off and new ones emerge all the time, so if you've always wanted to try Eyelash Extensions - I would definitely recommend them! 

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