Calvin Klein have brought out a perfume called - Women and it's empowering us females as a group of one big family. When this was launched here in Malta and we were introduced to this fantastic fragrance, the one thing that really stood out was how they wanted to bring the hashtag #iamwomen campaign to life and it's all about us girls.
From the iconic to the modern women of today, this perfume brings us all together to embrace our identities and how we are all so different but stand together as one. They are encouraging women to share their iconic women using the hashtag and for me I have always looked up to Lauren Conrad - some of you may know her from MTV's series Laguna Beach or the Hills - She's always been someone I have looked up to - in her simplicity ways of the gorgeous brand she's built to the gorgeous family she has!
This perfume is a mix of Eucalyptus cones to Orange flower and Alaskan Cedarwood. This is a signature scent - It's one of those perfumes that will either be you're go to always or your night-time date night fragrance. All in all, such a beautiful concept down to the bottle itself, with a women's eye that you just can't resist and a light pink juice.
*Calvin Klein Women - the perfume will be available in selected stores across the Maltese Islands