Another year has passed, and with that I'm on my 27th Year as of last Saturday. I love reflecting on the previous year and I love to review what has happened and what goals I have managed to achieve in the year that has just gone by.. So let's start off shall we;

Many amazing things happened in 2018, to start off I got engaged on the 17th April 2018 which is a day i'll cherish and always remember as I am still in awe when I look down at the gorgeous ring that is everything and more of how I imagined it to be and Ryan came through with my dream ring. We also bought our home which is another milestone and cannot wait to move in. We are aiming end of year or early next year depending on the works that will be needed. Met many new people who turned into friends and family and cannot imagine not having them around or in my life now that there are here.

Life as a blogger and youtuber was a bit of a struggle since I managed to break one of my vloggings cameras and my Canon 600d stopped connecting to my Mac when filming which makes it difficult to film and properly make sure I am in focus. I have now bought a new vlogging camera which I sometimes use to film certain videos. 2018 was a good year as a blogger and youtuber but was not my best year as I didn't have much time for it. My best year was 2014 believe it or not. I was very active filming videos and posting blogposts and was very active with many bloggers throughout the UK Bloggersphere whilst in the UK. I am hoping 2019 will bring back my love for writing on my blog, filming more content that you my readers and viewers enjoy and building an amazing relationship with you all answering any questions you may have. New Content is also being a priority on my YouTube channel this year as it can be great as it once was in 2014. My Goal is to create as much content which I enjoy filming but also film and blog about items and products or services that you all enjoy from your queries and products you request.

Now we have started a new year, 2019 is fresh and new and I'm ready for the new goals I have set for myself. I have many projects I wish to do and see them unfold this year and also mini goals for myself to easily achieve. I need to prepare myself for my own wedding in 2020 so alot of planning needs to be made. This is the year to focus on myself and my happiness and wellbeing. We all need to remember that our health is very important in life and we can't stress ourselves as much as we do. I have prepared myself a little fitness schedule to get myself in shape that isn't forced but easily added into a busy schedule I have made for myself. 

Are you ready for a new year, a fresh start?