Oh Hey! I have not written a blogpost in a couple of weeks, but i've had a little inspiration from a couple of bloggers i've been following on the webs thanks to twitter and felt like the old days back in 2013 where my blog was at it's best! My god, i used to have 1-2 posts daily back then and a year full of content.. But here I am writing about something new I got to try this weekend - MAGNETIC LASHES

Eylure have just launched their own Magnetic Lashes, Currently in Malta (locally) Eylure have introduced Accent lashes, which are supposed to be half lashes for the corner of your lashes and there are also smaller accent lashes available for the corner which are more of a flirty flick look.

Last week, I took to INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and created a poll. I asked if my followers would like to see me film a video on these magentic or their new Fluttery Lashes. Without a doubt, Magnetic Lashes won! So Saturday I sat myself down early to test run this before I had to sit down and film. My first go, i FAILED miserably. I am not going to lie.. I literally thought I ruined the magnets. The amount of times I took them off to re-apply these babies on my eyelashes was about 50 times!!! I just couldn't get an understanding how I am going to get these lashes close enough to my lash line and attach both magnets together - 30 mins later, I managed.

The test was the video - with 25 mins to spare before Ryan had to pick me up, I put on the camera and in Real-Time applied these lashes. They come with a handy applicator that helps you join them together as you use a hand to apply the top lash and the lower lash with the applicator to attach it.

Please see below demonstration to get an idea on how to apply them. I do think that eventually once you do get the hang of things, they will be easier to use.

*Eylure Magnetic Lashes Opulent Accent
UK: https://go.magik.ly/ml/md5q/
US: https://go.magik.ly/ml/md5x/

Overall, I loved them. We went to a restaurant Saturday night and they didn't feel annoying. Usually I sometimes get headache from my eyes weighing down on my eyeballs but these were fine after 4 hours of wear. The best was taking them off.. How easy was that - just twisting the magnets and poof they were off. I think these are handy for those who hate the glue or want a less messy application.  One thing I do need to point out is the price.. They are indeed more pricey due to the magnet but they are hassle free which you have to take into consideration. Not going to lie, I love the normal lashes and will always wear the normal lashes but these were handy to have on hand and to try them out! Have you tried them?

Make sure you check out the video below to view the demonstration here - Press Play