Jeffree Star not only is on fire right now but Jeffree just released my most awaited mirror that i've hoped he'd release! Chrome Hand Mirrors have been slowly coming out and when I saw his recent snaps on Snapchat showcasing the Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Chrome Mirrors I quickly waited to see them pop up on Beauty Bay.

I received an email from Beauty Bay about a week or so ago with a 20% off on selected Jeffree Star Cosmetics products and I was so happy to see the JSC Peach Chrome Hand Mirror on offer. I quickly picked it up and received it a couple of days ago.

Not going to lie as soon as I got it I was in awe and just couldn't wait to reenact his signature "Welcome Back to my channel" mirror swish move! It was on offer for around €21 which is such a steal and cannot wait to have it on my vanity. The Packaging is just stunning, his pink accents on all his product and packaging is just so iconic!

Have you ever bought one of his hand mirrors before?