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Online study is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to acquire new skills and even pick up an entirely new degree. As a result, many unique courses and study options are popping up everywhere, and in this article, we’re going to talk about a couple of them.

  1. Law - It’s entirely possible to obtain a degree in law from the comfort of your home. This opens up many unique options to help you embark on a completely new career path.
  2. Nursing - If you’ve ever wanted to switch your career to help others, then studying how to become a nurse online is a fantastic opportunity.
  3. Art - With the increasing popularity of digital art, it’s become very easy to learn how to draw and paint over the internet with both free and paid resources.
  4. Personal Training - If you’ve ever wanted to become a personal trainer and teach others about getting fit, then you’ll be glad to know there are many unique courses on the internet that teach you everything from starting your own personal training business to developing courses.
  5. Teaching - Yes, there are courses online dedicated to teaching you how to teach! This is excellent if you have your own skills that you want to market over the internet.

Law is one of the most interesting subjects that you can study online. Who knew that in this modern day, we’d have the ability to study such a deep subject as law from the comfort of our home with online resources? Below, we’ve added an infographic that shows just what you could achieve if you study a Master of Laws degree over the internet.

Infographic: USC