If you use makeup every day, you also know the struggle of keeping all your favorite brushes, blushes, and colors organized. However, you can cut your routine time in half with a solid organizational system in place.

Organizational systems don’t have to be expensive. For example, you can create beautiful and practical storage systems from items around your home.

10 Organizational Methods for Your Makeup

Here are ten easy yet stylish makeup storage methods that will simplify your morning routine.

1. Jars on Tiers

Image by VIVIANE MONCONDUIT from Pixabay 

If you want all your makeup on display at once without taking up too much counter space, consider using a tiered cake stand or lazy Susan. 

Place your makeup brushes and color palettes inside your favorite jars or mugs and layer them on the stand. You can also run to your local thrift store to find antique jars and containers that add more personality to your makeup organization.

Taller items, like your brushes, should be stored on the top while you can store shorter items, like eye shadows and blushes, on lower tiers.

2. Enclosed Cases

Image by ymkaaaaaa from Pixabay 

If you don’t want your makeup array on display, consider organizational cases for storing your brushes and colors. These containers and bags are easy to slip inside a drawer or your mirror cupboard.

You don’t even need to buy makeup bags specifically for storage and organization. Many of the cases and bags you have in your home would work just as well for keeping everything safe and clean.

Here are several cases and bags that are the perfect size which you can consider using for storage:

  • Small purses
  • Large wallets
  • Old glasses cases
  • Cosmetic bags
  • Unused pencil cases

3. Hanging Organizer

If you don’t have any shelves or counter space, don’t worry!

Your door or wall can also hold your makeup. Just create a hanging organizer and use thumbtacks or nails to hang it next to your mirror. You can use an old shoe organizer or a small item organizer for your brushes and pallets.

Also, consider making an organizer out of your favorite fabrics. Select a large square piece of fabric for the back of the organizer. Using a glue gun from Glue Guns Direct, attach smaller squares and rectangles of fabric as pockets to hold your makeup materials.

4. Office Organizers

Office stores have a wide array of organizers and files that can double as makeup organizers. If you have an old office organizer sitting empty in your home, repurpose it for your brushes and powders.

Horizontal paper filers make great drawers for brushes and compacts, while pencil holders work best for long brushes.

5. Kitchen Storage

Image by Jess Bailey from Pixabay 

Your kitchen has dozens of boxes and more that are the perfect size for makeup. You could repurpose an old jar or use a storage container for your favorite compacts. Paint old spice containers with bright colors to hold brushes and fill cookie tins with all your colors and powders.

6. Silverware Container

One kitchen organizer that works exceptionally well for makeup is a silverware container. These organizers will fit perfectly inside your bathroom drawer and provide you with separate areas for your brushes, creams, and powders.

7. Rolling Shelves and Drawers

If you have the space, consider purchasing a small set of drawers or shelves on wheels. These can be rolled underneath a sink or in a corner when you aren’t using them. Then, when you are ready to apply your makeup, you can quickly move your shelves or drawers to whichever location works best.

8. Containers with Beans

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

If you have old jars and glass containers, consider repurposing them as makeup storage jars. Fill them with beans or stones and stick your brushes upright for a decorative alternate to regular storage cups.

9. Magnets on Boards

Another space-saving design for makeup storage is incorporating magnets. Use an old pan or magnetic board, and paint it with your favorite colors. Hang the board up next to your mirror. Next, use hot glue to attach tiny, flat magnets to your brushes and compacts. When you finish with your makeup application, just stick them back up on your board.

10. Hanging Baskets or Buckets

If you have several small baskets or buckets, attach strings and hang them on nails around your mirror. These baskets make cute storage containers for all your makeup supplies.

Use Your Creativity

Do you have another creative idea for storing your makeup?

Don’t feel like you only can use makeup storage containers to organize your favorite supplies. Look around your home and see what other items you can repurpose for stylish storage containers.

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