A couple of days ago i went shopping and stumbled upon Bourjois Cosmetics.

And i got these 3 Products,

Docteur Glamour in Beige Fievreux (10) €9.90

(Pictured Left) A Lovely pale nude pinky tone
colour Lipstick which adds sparkle hence glitters
and is a wonderful colour. Its is also an Intensive
Moisturising Treatment with mango and shea butter

Peronally i love this lipstick!!

Anyone know of other best Nude Lipsticts for me to try out let me know.

Effet 3D Les Nudes in Brun poetic (33) €7.71

(Pictured Left) One from their Les Nudes Lipgloss Collection
For me this is an amazing dark pinky brown with glitters. Very Glossy and its an amazing colour.


Effet 3D in Blanc Atypic (63) €0.00 Free Gift

(Pictured Left) This i got it Free since there was a special going on, you buy two Bourjois Products and you get a free gift.
i got this white lipgloss which is think is amazing for either going for a dramatic look with white lipgloss or to brighten a dark lipstick and add a pale glossy tone to it.

I've actually taken a photo with the swtahces for these products which shows the lipstick which is the firtst on top followed by the Effet 3D in Blanc Atypic and lastly effet 3D Les Nudes in Brun poetic.

    That's all for now :) so be sure to check out Bourjois site at www.bourjois.com