Venture Beauty Wednesday   

Every Week on Wednesday, i'll be giving you tips, ideas, how to's and so much more. This will be a post dedicated to little bits and bobs you learn through out makeup artistry and I would like to share them with my readers. We are venturing through beauty and i'm feeding it to YOU. x

#5 Mature Skin:

People sometimes find it hard to understand that we age day by day. It ages in due time.. If you smoke or drink you are more likely to undergo your skin to dry up much quicker then others where other can have young healthy glowy skin.

You have to look after your skin. YOU have to WANT to keep your skin hydrated.

It's normal to start developing wrinkles, dark circles.. but there are ways to prevent them from developing early. In true honesty you can't control but you can at least try to.

Drink a lot of water at least two liters a day!
Keep your skin moisturised all day long!
Vitamins help
MOST IMPORTANT SPF PROTECTION!! (Especially in summer)

Look after your skin. Don't let it age before it's time, wear sunglasses when it's sunny, protect your eyes from the sun rays.

Moiturise your face to keep the face moist and drink alot of water to keep it hydrated!

Tip: Use Matte eyeshadows when dealing with mature clients, any sparkle or glitter or shine can make the wrinkles or dark circles show up much more then they should!

Remember, Don't be afraid to try new things, Be YOU, Save your SKIN.

Question for my readers:
Do you take care of your skin?