Hiya Dolls & Gentlemen,

This post is a write up on an accessory us ladies can't really live without. A Handbag has been used as an accessory for centuries of years, for events, dinners , a stroll in the park and what not. 

But what is a handbag to you? Some people have an obsession with handbags, I for one am one of them as i own way too many and i surely do not need them all. In this case this bag is by far my cherished and fast "Designer" Bag i got a couple months ago.. Ever since hearing all about Paul's Boutique, i have been waiting for that one bag that i'd simply go crazy over and here is THAT bag.

How did i pick out this one out of all the others you ask? Easy, I was watching FoundonFilm on YouTube and see was hauling off her new Paul's Boutique bag and it was the "HOLLY bag" in Black and it resembled the classic "Chanel Large Shopping Bag", Lauren Conrad used to use on "The Hills".

I logged on Asos that same minute and found the bag with a colour selection, natural nude or black and i must admit here i got stuck as i loved the classic look the nude one had but then again with black it's a classic colour so i spent €80 there and then. I never regretted it as It has been my favorite bag ever since, and i do keep it safe in on of my dust bags and use it on a couple of outings out into town but not as an every day bag.

The lining is an animal print, the neon bright chains on the side of the bag, show Paul's Boutique's unique style to the bag and basically it's something every girl should own. There are many different styles one girl could choose from, bright, neons, prints. For me Quilted Bags are a favorite hence why this was easy for me to purchase.