This month, I got into a couple new products and even fell in love with some "old products" that I haven't used in awhile. Every month I try to change up my every day routine using similar products from different brands and experimenting. I actually tried out a new cleanser and toner this month that broke me out all under my lip and chin area and all over my forehead and I haven't seen so many spots in a very long while!

The Body Shop Leona Lewis White Must Libertine £13 has such a lovely fresh scent and it's my go to daily "work" fragrance every morning. The fact that it is a very small bottle, I sometimes take it with me in my handbag. I must say the cute pink bottle did catch my eye which gave me more of a reason to purchase this number.

Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder 030 Naturel £34 is a powder I bought believe it or not about  a year and a half ago in the Summer time. I remember purchasing this with the Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere which was my favorite foundation ever ( i really don't know why i never repurchased it ). This powder sets like a second skin, I love it. In summer I use this with no foundation and it does even out the skintone if needed to be worn alone.

O.P.I I Think In Pink £6.99 I got so many compliments on this lovely barbie pink number. It's my favorite Pink Polish. It does take about two coats for great coverage and opacity.

China Glaze Lemon Fizz £5.95* My favorite lemon polish to date, I love wearing this in the summer time and wearing this with the pink looked so amazing, I even saw others do the same colours on their nails as I saw photos all around facebook believe it or not. I am glad i inspired people with the colour combination.

L'oreal Colour Caresse Riche Rose Taffeta £8.19 A great natural Lip colour with a pink undertone. I like this US packaging as I saw the UK packaging in some Drugstores and couldn't get myself to purchase them as they looked tacky compared to the US gold "YSL inspired" ones. The texture of these are really soft and moisturising, in all honesty my mum saw this and i am surprised how she hasn't snatched it off me yet. (in time she will)

Essence Multi Action Waterproof Mascara £2.50* I haven't done a full review of this yet but I will in June. This month I wanted to test out a new mascara and since my lashes are quiet straight and annoying, I found out that waterproof mascara will help curl the lashes if you use an eyelash curler prior to the mascara. And amazingly enough, I love it! It actually works, I curl my lashes and then add this mascara and for the first time my lashes are curled pretty nicely and since waterproof mascara is "gel" based it actually secures the lashes and they will have more hold then a normal basic mascara would.