Excuse the messy bed, but it's finally come 3 days left in Sunny old Malta and Thursday I fly out to the UK and I officially move into my lovely Home on Friday. Scary but true I'm looking forward to living in my own place without the parents even though they'll be thousand of miles away from me. 

Packing is usually a nightmare for many people but I honestly piled everything out on my bed this morning trying to decided what to take and what to leave behind. My motivation this morning was remember, UK have my favorite shops and I know certain things can be bought once I settle over there and with that said I am leaving my coats behind ( I purchase a new one each year) and I only own 3 jumpers (yes that's true). I don't have much winter clothing but I own a couple of shirts and some blazers that can be paired with any outfit.

The key to perfect packing is don't overdo it. Take what you are sure to wear and not those that will lie in your closet untouched. I feel that I will be happy with my little selection and 3 pairs of shoes to start off with. I need to make space for my makeup that I will be taking up as well so the more space I have the better right, especially for us beauty fanatics.

Tip: Put your clothes into piles: TAKE, CHARITY, STORAGE

Take: These are the items you will be taking with you.

Charity: Instead of binning, why not take your unwanted clothes down to a charity shop.

Storage: Those clothes that you want but will leave behind till either a family member comes up for a visit or vice versa.

What are your tips on packing? I am actually happy with my outcome as I didn't overdo it with packing too many items I don't use. Have you ever over-packed?