Braun's Silk Epil 9 Epilator is my proper first epilator I have ever tried on a long term basis. I must say I was very impressed with this little gem!

So Let's Start off with what I normally use, I normally shave my legs with Blades, Hair Removal Cream or a Lady Shave. I have tried an Epilator in the past but was never my go-to. I have to say after using the Braun Silk Epil 9* for about 3 months, I was quickly impressed by how handy and how easy this was to use and not as painful as everyone says.

You Get 5 different Heads in total and can use the device Wet of Dry - This is very handy especially when I want to touch up whilst I'm in the shower and very easy also to exfoliate with the additional head before Fake Tanning! Yes I have been using this to exfoliate my skin prior to fake tanning and it's been such a great tool!

Staring with the Heads Left to Right, The Facial Cap (is the small one), You have the Body Exfoliation Brush ( also have the attachment as seen in the pictures ), Skin Contact Cap ( the wide one ), the High Frequency Massage Cap (this is the head that is currently on the epilator in the pictures and what I use most of the time).

The pain is bearable, once you get used to it, the pain is gone. It grabs quite a lot of hair at one go and even tested it out on small hairs and even let it grow a little and was surprised how easily it catches on. You have two speeds and also a light which is so handy to make sure you haven't missed a spot. It's very flexible and moves in the direction you want it to without pulling on your skin.

My Mother who has used a Lady Shave all her life has also started using this and at first she hated it cause it hurt but now, she's constantly using it herself and has even decided to invest in one for herself as it's easy and hairs grow back way slower due to the "tweezing effect".

Overall, I'd give this epilator a 9/10 because I do really like it, I do not use it on sensitive areas as I can't handle certain pain but for the legs, arms and facial hair this works wonders. You can pick it up in mulitple stores locally and even online which I'll link here also. You can also buy additional heads if they break or what not separately and I might pick up the Shaver for easy use when needed.

Purchase Online Locally here : Braun Silk Epil 9 - VJSM*

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