Being online for the early days of blogging and looking back on the 8+ years I have been doing this is so surreal. But change is needed sometimes, and the biggest thing I have ever done was wake up this morning and change everything to Stefytalks.

How it all came along may you ask? well as some of you are aware, I have gone on a little hiatus. Stopped filming, gone quiet on all my socials, blogposts hardly seen this year - the lot! I honestly ended up asking myself after everything I have built, was I doing it because I loved it or was I doing what I've been told to and having deadlines by brands or other things going on.

A name change - Stefytalks I am a right chatterbox, not going to lie. I can either go into a quite corner and you will not hear a word or I can be the right opposite and won't stop yapping about anything and everything in life. Stefytalks was the perfect fit for me and where I am at in this point in time. I have literally missed the times I used to sit behind my laptop and write about literally anything and chatting with my fellow bloggers on Twitter Chats and Instagram posts. Life gets so busy sometimes that we forget why we started in the first place.

Expect to see many YouTube videos - you'll not just see reviews on products but instead you'll see me, getting to know the person you're watching. Me being myself - filming my life and things I can share with you and look back on.

Until the next post, to you reading this - thank you for sparing your time and allowing me to introduce Stefytalks, my new platform to you. Wherever you are in this huge world - I hope you're having an amazing night/day!

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