The new wipes from MAC Cosmetics are fairly new and I couldn't wait to pick them up. I decided to watch some recent MAC Hauls on YouTube to see if there is anything I should pick up which I have yet to try. I normally pick up the normal Wipes from MAC which are €32.50 for 100 Wipes and they last just over 3 months for me. These new wipes claim to be for sensitive skin types and with micellar water. I love the pink packaging - not gunna lie they look so girly and cute compared to your basic MAC wipes. They are the same price as the normal wipes retailing for €32.50. 

Here are my thoughts - Upon opening the packet I noticed a couple of things;
They are wetter then the regular wipes, they have more of a foamy feel and they also take off makeup quicker then the original wipes. Now I already turn my pack upside-down  to let the product move to the top of the packet so each time each wipe is the wettest on the top.

I decided to compare cost per wipe with two other makeup wipes and this is what I got:

MAC Wipes - Original (x100) = €32.50  Cost per wipe 32c
MAC Gently Off + Micellar Water (x100) = €32.50 - Cost per wipe 32c
Inglot Milk & Tonic Makeup Remover Wipes (x25) = €6 - Cost per wipe 24c
NYX Be Gone! Makeup Remover Wipes (x20) = €7.99 Cost per wipe 40c

Overall, MAC wipes are not too overly expensive, you can get a smaller pack but it would cost you more overall per wipe the less you buy. I tend to buy a bulkier pack as I feel that it's easier for me. I never buy more then one though. But I do love these new wipes. They feel amazing on the skin, take off my makeup easily and faster if that makes sense. Would definitely recommend you to try these especially if you've been loving the micellar water to take off your makeup.